A review of the Big Finish audio drama, “Cyberman: Fear.”

Part 2 develops the conspiracy and starts to flesh out some of the android characters, if you’ll pardon the contradiction.  These androids are not to be confused with the Cybermen, they are the android race humans created and who have rebelled against their masters in horribly costly war in the Orion belt.  However, human and android alike are now united against a common foe, the titular silver giants themselves.

Sarah Mowatt’s President takes a back seat in the action and we mainly follow her second in command Liam Barnaby (Mark McDonnell) as he struggles to get to the heart of what has happened to his boss and friend (now in a brain washed state I presume by Cyber technology) and as to who or what Paul Hunt really represents.

An android agent joins the chase and events propel Liam to a “refugee processing centre” in a chilling scene where the scale of the Cyberman threat begins to be understood.

In my previous review I erroneously ascribed this depiction of the Cybermen to the 80’s model.  I was wrong, they are based on the early Troughton incarnation, with the electronic, flat monotone voice, possibly the most chilling version.  I remember in the 80’s they were all hands on hips and booming voices over fond of the word “Excellent!”  They are used sparingly in this drama but Big Finish are very good and conveying a massive threat with very little, due to the quality of the production, sound effects and writing.

A bargain as well at the current price of £5.  You can order cd or download.  I recommend cd at present, you benefit from the art-work, and you can also import onto your pc / portable device when you receive.  Playback from downloads direct from their website can be problematic at the time of writing unless you pay for an additional app such as “Good Reader.”

But back to the audio drama.  An atmospheric, nostalgic, entertaining blast, Big Finish really do deliver with this story.


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