A review of the Big Finish audio-drama, ‘Cyberman: Project Scorpius.’

Project Scorpius is a military project gone dark, off the books.  Paul Hunt is engaged in a conspiracy to supplant the President with a popular and efficient military commander whose strings he is confident can be pulled by the horribly familiar silver hands at the core of Project Scorpius…

This is an energetic, wonderfully entertaining listen from 2005 that puts you back in the Whoniverse that contained the ‘1980’s model’ Cybermen, with the synth effects, voices, and some sample music themes familiar from that era.  The leads, Sarah Mowat and Mark McDonnell, are great.  Ms Mowat gives a riveting performance as military leader propelled into the President’s seat by the hand of Project Scorpius, a tough yet very human woman bearing the unbearable of leading an unwinnable war against a massive android threat.  Will she be led by Hunt to acknowledge his mysterious (to her) silver clad soldiers as allies?

The Cybermen are used sparingly and are all the more effective for that.  There’s a fantastic scene where they teleport into the Whitehouse.  The android threat, a familiar sci-fi staple of humanity’s creation turning against it, is a compelling backdrop.

An atmospheric blast of a listen, and a good value download at £5 from the Big Finish range currently.


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