A big shout out to Big Finish

The Fireside Table will now be reviewing the excellent audio stories on offer from Big Finish.  If you love genre stories that riff on your favourite sci-fi, fantasy, and horror shows (as well as in some cases comic book, they have a 2000 AD range, and adaptations of novels, as with the recent “Night of the Triffids,” ) look no further.

Their main range is Doctor Who.  All the Doctors, including Paul McGann, and the unfairly (in my view) maligned Colin Baker, have extensive ranges.  Colin Baker has enjoyed a renaissance with these dramas.  They have also recently rejoiced to include Tom Baker in their dramas, who held out for some time.  There are  series of  dramas based on the various companions, series based on tangential characters as with The Talon of Weng Chian’s “Jango and Litefoot,”  and loads more.

They cover a wide range of other genre stuff as mentioned, stuff you wouldn’t see coming (or necessarily want!) like “Terrahawks” most recently.  Looking forward to catching up with their drama’s based on the classic “The Prisoner” series though.  They have their own entertaining pod-casts that often contain generous clips from the shows and trailers, and their own magazine Vortex.  The website containing all the above is well organised, fun to use and accessible, see the above link.  You can shop for their extremely collectable cd’s and benefit from some stunning artwork, or download.  You can download MP3’s or audiobooks.  Recently they released a “Big Finish player” for mobile devices as a beta download, and it now runs smooth and well.  So you can listen on your phone, i-pod etc.

The dramas use music, synth and sound effects, where possible original cast, from the original shows. These in part accounts for their addicting qualities, it’s a huge nostalgia fix.  But what really makes them of course is the quality of the writing, performances and production, which are usually commendable considering they are not operating with the resources of a big production stable.

So to follow, a review of a 2005 production, Cyberman:  Scorpius.

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