A review of Stant Litore’s “Dante’s Heart.”

In this short story Stant Litore, author of “the Zombie Bible” series, paints a dreamscape of a haunted traveller, Dante, who is hunting the violent creatures that erupt from his chest when he sleeps.  He is especially driven by the fact that one of these creatures slew his father.  He’s accompanied by a Dwarf, and a Naiad (Water Nymph).

This is a prose poem that will frustrate some just as it haunts and enchants others.  Chase it too hard for meaning and it will become a cryptic puzzle as opposed to a pleasure to read.  But the core meaning isn’t too hard to fathom; we beget violence which causes havoc.  However, even that violence can be transfigured and redeemed by innocent hearts as with the children and the horned animal in the story.

There are some wonderfully rich colour illustrations in the pages (by artist Roberto Calas), of some key images in the story.

This is transcendental and imaginative story telling.  It’s worthy of, and echoes, Ray Bradbury at his strangest.  If you have a loved one who loves stories, this will make a very decent gift.


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